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The Impact of Ethics in Day to Day Decision making for Teachers and School Leaders
Ethics is a branch of philosophy that studies morals and values. It deals with what is considered to be right and wrong, good or bad, just or unjust, acceptable and unacceptable behavior. Ethics refers to well-founded standards of right and wrong that prescribe what humans ought to do. Thus, this essay will discuss the impact of ethics in day to day decision making for teachers and school leaders.
To begin with, Ethics in Education is the study of ethical standards in education which is the guidelines that tells us about right and wrong, and protects the interests of both the educators and the learners. Therefore, it is essential to follow these ethical standards to run the system smoothly and effectively. Ethical standards enable educators, students and administrators to maintain and promote quality education. Some important ethical standards are Integrity, Honesty, Truth, Accountability, Care, and Respect Transparency.
Ethics is applicable to all related to the education system that is students, teachers, management, and school leaders. “Effective school leaders are key to large-scale, sustainable education reform.” Fullan (2002, p. 15). Teachers and school leaders make decisions every day that impact the lives of students.
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School leaders and teachers are at the end of the day accountable for the results of the moral and ethical nature of their decisions. The school principals have a key role in managing school because they are the main decision makers, they are the school leaders, and they have the more responsibilities than other staffs at school. Wrong or right decisions by these leaders will shape the school and district environment toward a “good school” or a “bad school” that is not easily changed unless there is a leadership
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