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Death Cloud By Andrew Lane The book I read was “Death Cloud” by Andrew Lane, it is about when Sherlock Holmes started detective work. Most of us know about the great detective that Sherlock Holmes was known as, but have you ever wondered how he got that way. This book gives you the opportunity to find out the past behind the genius detective. I chose this book because I like Sherlock Holmes.
This book changed my outlook by taking a character I already knew about and cared for. Sherlock Holmes has been in many movies and shows that I have been a part of while watching. A way of connecting to a character is to watch what they are a part of and putting yourself in the situations, and the moment you find out something new your whole thoughts of that character changes.
There are many other books and stories that I would compare to this book, such as “Study in Scarlet”, “The Sign of the Four”, “The Adventures of
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Two of these words are names, one is the name of a person the other is the name of a place. This story takes place in the 1800’s and at that time people were still scared of another outbreak of a plague, and with the death of two people back to back with the same symptoms people began to spread rumors using the words death, plague, and pox often. In the late 1800’s the only form of transportation besides trains and boats were carriages, so often the carriage is referred to. Both smoke and cloud were used to describe the mysterious fog Sherlock saw.
To conclude “Death Cloud” by Andrew Lane is altogether a good book. It has many ways to keep a reader interested. The book takes a character that already exists and adds more story to them. I would love to read more of this author because of the fact that this book is a series. This series could possibly shed more light on how Sherlock Holmes became the detective that we know
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