Essay On Dementia In A Nursing Home

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Reflective Writing: Critical Incident: caring for a patient who was suffering from dementia in a nursing home The most memorable experience I have had as a student nurse is the time I volunteered in various missions, both as part of school work as well as club activities. I firmly believe that the nursing profession does not simply entail assisting people but also enriching personal experiences and growth of the individual. This has been my personal philosophy that has played a significant role in choosing the nursing career and participating is several volunteering missions. The incident I vividly remember is caring for a patient who was suffering from dementia in a nursing home. His condition was in advanced stages and he could not recall any member of his family members’ names, but luckily, he could recall his name. He often appeared confused and this complicated the relationships he had with other patients. The patient’s name was Ishmael, and he was admitted in a nursing home that took care of the elderly. All patients in the institution had special needs…show more content…
He often remembered to say thank you every time I fed or treated him. However, even after showing him the photos I found in his locker, he said that he could not remember the individuals and he could only assume that they were his relatives. Dementia patients especially whose condition has deteriorated have a difficult time trying to recall important things that occurred in the past (Shea, 2011). Despite his condition, Ishmael appeared to be an intelligent individual who could engage in different conversation topics. The opportunity of providing personalized care to Ishmael provided a whole new experience in my profession as a nurse. I also made a background check on the factors that influence the onset of dementia. Although I had studied this in school, I got an opportunity of doing a thorough analysis than in the
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