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The purpose of this research was to prove that the School-Based Dental Sealant program could improve access to Preventive Dental Service. The authors investigated 8145 students in Framingham, Massachusetts which was considered representative of the 66190 residents living in west/ southwest of Boston. The study began after applying oral survey to all first and second-grade students in Framingham from 2000 to 2009. In this period of time, all students were screened for the number of teeth filled, number of teeth with untreated decay, number of teeth extracted, existing sealants on the first molar, and identification of first molars in need of sealant. And then the dental officials applied sealant to the molars of those students who had high potential of developing carries.
Although students were identified and informed of the dental care they needed, just 29% of students in 2003 were willing to receive sealants. In 2004, just 26% of the students were willing to receive sealants resulting in 52% of students having tooth decay. Over the six-year period, the dental hygienists and nurses of Boston schools applied sealant and gave them 20 to 25 minutes of oral
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The effectiveness of preventive education is moderated by the patient's beliefs and cultural and social norms. In my home country, in the villages, it is the custom that people expect to lose their teeth by the time they are old, so it takes a lot of persuasion to get them to believe they can keep their teeth if they take care of them. Understanding different cultures increases the dental hygienist's competency and trustworthiness. It is worthwhile being part of the diversity class. Thus, during the time I study in the dental hygiene program I will have a chance to learn more about cultural differences in order to improve my communication
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