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My overseas deployment to Japan Many marines get deployed overseas to japan and for most of them is not a pleasant experiencing; that wasn’t my case. While serving in the united states marines every six months or so you may get deployed to different parts of the world depending on what the corps ask of you, for many this deployment is to a tiny island in japan called Okinawa, there there’s many us military bases, one of them is camp Shawb, this base house most of the marine infantry forces in the island, because of this its located far from the main cities of the island making it really isolated from everything. In addition to it being so apart from everything, the “natives” on the island are not so welcome of our presence on the island…show more content…
Along with snorkeling there is a movie theater on based with advance showings and really cheap tickets and popcorn which me and my fellow marines made it habit to go every Friday after work and right after we finished watching the latest flick, we would head out to the bar right next to we almost every Friday or Saturday a live performer would play either classic rock hits or country music, all while me and my buddies got completely waste with cheap margaritas and long island ice teas which we will completely regret next morning having no idea how we made it back to the room in one piece. Another reason I loved my time in japan was all the different places I got to visit. First, before I tell you about the other places I visited in japan, let’s talk about the cool tourist attractions on Okinawa, like the underground world war 2 trenches that go on for miles all over the island, which had all types of curious stuff on them like altars and game rooms. We also went to several world war 2 museums where I learned a great deal about the importance of Okinawa during the war. Finally, we went several times to the main cities to explore and also to buy stuff form their massive malls. Next we went to camp Fuji, which is named after mount Fuji located right next to each other, the base here is a little bit smaller and doesn’t have the same accommodations we had on
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