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Detective Fix more than an annoying character All villains are antagonists, but not all antagonists are villains. In classic literature, the purpose of an evil character is to create a triumphant ending for the good one. In Jules Vern's, literature Around the World in Eighty Days, the antagonist characters possesses much more than simply being the villain in pursuance of the protagonist to impede their cliché happy ending. Detective Fix a tenacious and stubborn character presents much more than an antagonist fated to meet his doom in the end. Fix appears to impel the plot; diverting the sequence of events to satisfy his interests, rather than emerging as a complement to valor. However, without his efforts, the account of the journey would be predictable, depriving the readers of suspense and anticipation towards the end of the story. His endeavor throughout the narrative was to arrest the famed bank robber who he believes is Fogg. His in the entire journey proves the complexity of his disposition. To understand Detective Fix’s role, the reader must overlook his malicious intents and misdeeds to observe him beyond the image of an antagonist in classic literature. Detective Fix is a flawed man who struggles to recognize his sense of morality because of false determination and greed. Detective fix…show more content…
After saving Aouda, the detective finds greater respect for the dauntless gentleman as he recognizes the risk he was disregarded to save a stranger Fix thinks Fogg intentions as delirious and finds the sincerity within him, thereafter; Fix perceives the importance things Fogg bears. For instance, during the encounter with the Sioux, Fix’s constant persistence is depressed as he admits that he would stay, because Fogg intends to perform another gallant act which is to save his group from the Sioux (Verne,

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