Essay On Develop Software To Secure The Internet Of Things

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Running head: Introduction and methodlogy 1
Introduction and methodlogy 2

Develop software to secure the Internet of Things
Action Research
Vaishali Mahavratayajula


In olden days, communication is not only difficult but also costly. We are dependent on letters and emails rather than phone calls. However, today technology is advanced to such an extent that cost of communication is reducing and use of mobile phones and smart devices is skyrocketing. It is not an exaggeration that our life today is a slave to technology. Internet of things has made its space in almost all areas today such as education, business, personal life, government
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Figure 1.1: Internet of Things enabling technology
No doubt Internet of things provide numerous advantageous in present day society but with every new device arises new challenges and bottlenecks. Internet of things provides an interface that facilitates communication made easy with device to device and device to human. It is expected that by the year 2020, world could experience around 26 billion connected devices (Jacob Morgan, May 2014).
Why securing internet of things is so critical

The basic building blocks of internet of things are wearable devices, IP address, operational computers to monitor the connected devices and sophisticated networks. Also all these devices are connected under one network be it a industrial sector or personal home. With each new device being -connected, there arise number of vulnerabilities and threats. There are number of devices that come under the umbrella and each behaves in a different manner. For example, wearable devices, baby monitor, fit bit, Google assistant, virtual assistant like Siri from Apple and many more each have their own functionality and it is important to understand these devices and secure them before it is used.
Secondly, data privacy and interpretability is another major challenge to be crosschecked. Recently hackers targeted IOT baby monitors to access live feeds which is major

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