Essay On Development And Implementation Of A Shared Vision

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Development and Implementation of a Shared Vision Final Paper

Leadership on the Line Staying Alive Through the Dangers of Leading, written by Ronald Heifetz and Marty Linsky, two top consultants and Harvard faculty members, utilize real-life anecdotes and examples to prove to readers that leadership is replete with risk. However, the duo ascertains that leadership is worth the risk since material payoffs are not the final reward. Real leadership can transform people’s lives. The authors write, "Without learning new ways - changing attitudes, values and behaviors - people cannot make the adaptive leap necessary to thrive in the new environment." Consequently, change causes disequilibrium. People naturally find it difficult to
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Leadership is an act of improvisation (Leadership on the Line). The Working Triangle of Leadership dictates that relationships are the cornerstone of quality leadership. Therefore, quality relationships with all stakeholders must be established. The principal’s new role as instructional leader dictates that he/she must model learning and shape the conditions so all can learn. Most importantly, a Professional Learning Community (PLC) will not be successful due to a mandate alone with cooperation as an expectation without priming and pruning relationships. Not surprisingly, a successful PLC must be built upon strong relationships as well. When strong relationships are cultivated this, in turn, fosters cooperation, and guides the team of stakeholders to fulfill their shared vision. This approach is definitely a step in the right direction for the education system.
For future educational leaders, building quality relationships is even more paramount than in the past. Our professional space will continue to isolate potential teachers from the Millennial generation if generational personality differences are not taken into account. According to the Tools for Schools article titled, TUNE IN to what the new generation of teachers can do, teachers from the Millennial generation bring with them an extremely
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