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Elizabeth returned with the tea and set it down on the stump Dexter used as a bedside table. “It needs to cool down a bit and will help you with the pain.”

“Vell, noting we can do in here. Best get de beast in.” Jack shuffled out, and Toke and Willie followed.

It hurt Dexter to even move his arms, so once the tea had cooled, Elizabeth raised his head while Mae spooned in the barely tolerable bitter tea into his mouth. Elizabeth explained, “This tea is steeped from a highly prized herb the Ma’camo trade with from the far south to get. We’re lucky to have some.”

Mae adjusted his blanket, tucking it in around him like her mother did when she was sick. The tea had surprising potency, and soon Dexter lost all lucidity, and without his high
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Some they washed clean and stuffed with grain, spices, and blood for sausages. The boar’s tusks would be made into tools and handles, the feet were pickled in a fermented cider brine, the eyes were ground up with most of its face, and even the anus got used. The fat and marrow were saved to the side, and they boiled the bones for hours. The sludge the bones made would be used for things she never thought of and wished to forget.

When she checked in on Dexter, he wanted to hear, in full disgusting detail, all they were doing with every part of the boar. She swallowed the bile rising in her throat as she relived the gruesome details all over again.

The day was long, and the animal had to be preserved as quickly as possible, or it would start to decay in the heat. Mae missed having a refrigerator more than anything. Here they had to deal with food *right now* while it was fresh. If it weren’t smoked, salted or pickled, it would be dried or preserved in brine.

Elizabeth and Mae laboriously sliced the raw meat into thin strips. Outside, Willie smoked it over a large fire and was forced to stand guard against the constant pilfering from Jack and Toke, and even she snatched pieces away for Dexter. Once they finished the last of the boar, they loaded the wrapped and preserved meat into the cellar.

The cellar was a small but deep cavern
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