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Program Narrative: Obesity and Diabetes Reduction in Alexandria
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Program Narrative: Obesity and Diabetes Reduction in Alexandria
Obesity and diabetes are serious public health problems that have far reaching health and economic consequences. In the US, and the world over, obesity and diabetes have reached epidemic proportions (Acton, 2013). For instance, the annual medical costs for obesity in the US was approximately $145 billion as at 2008 while diabetes was established as the leading cause of death and affects roughly 23.6 million people across the nation (Health Profile I, 2015). In the city of Alexandria, obesity and diabetes are common with both posting numbers
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The maintenance phase is concerned with behavior maintenance while termination implies relapse to previous stage. The current activity relates to behavior theory since the first two stages of the transtheoretical model have been passed and now it is about preparing for change, actually changing people’s behaviors, and ensuring that sustainability of the new behaviors.
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Obesity and diabetes have reached epidemic proportions and are associated with many chronic health conditions. It is because of this reason that the primary goal of the current program is to reduce the number of obesity and diabetes cases among adults living in Alexandria city. The first process objective will be to have meetings with local employers and explain the benefits of the program and its various components; healthy diets and healthy eating, weight assessment program, and fitness and physical activity programs. The second process objective is to supply all local employers with brochures about healthy living to foster fruit and vegetable intake, and explain how to stay within daily caloric intake as well as how to decrease the daily intake of sugary drinks. The three impact objectives represent the expectations of the program. These objectives are; 10% decrease in obesity among 100 people who will lose two pound each week for five months, increase by 20% the number of adults who consume at least five fruit and vegetable servings each day, and have a 25%

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