Essay On Diamond Game

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Hunter When we pull up to the diamonds there are games being played. I get out of the car and meet up with the team. We start warming up and getting ready for our first game. Once the game is over we get in our dugout and get pumped. Me and carter play catch while the captains are flipping the coin. We lost the coin toss and we are away. I’m first batter so I start swinging the bat while the pitcher is warming up. After about 5 pitches the umpire tells me batter up. I walk up to the plate, and get ready to swing. The first pitch I hit to third. I run as fast as I can and get to first before the ball can get to the first baseman. The coach gives me the sign to steal. Right when the ball leaves his hand I start running. I run and slide into second…show more content…
We win that game 10-2. After that we get a break and we watch to see is in the championship pool. After about an half hour we see that its us, Decorah, and south winn. South-winn, and decorah play first. When they are playing we are getting hydrated. Coach talks to us and gets us pumped. Our next game is gonna be our biggest game of the year. We are playing decorah. When the Decorah vs. South-winn game is over we get into our dugout. We get home on the coin toss, and we take the field. The first 5 batters for decorah are good. Carter is our pitcher for this game and he’s good. The first batter steps up to the plate and we get ready. Carter pitches the ball and he hits a grounder to center fielder. The batter only gets to first. The second hitter isn't as good as the first one but he is still good. Carter pitches the ball and the batter at first starts running to second. I have to wait until I know the batter isn't going to hit it then I run to second. The batter gets there before I can tag him. The second pitch the base runner runs to third and the batter hits the ball right to me. I ground the ball and throw it to first and the base runner stays at third. The next batter is there best player. Carter pitches the ball and he hits it to
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