Essay On Disintegrative Childhood

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Diagnoses of Childhood Disintegrative

Initially childhood disintegrative diagnoses (CDD) was considered as physical disease.(3) Yet it is a developmental disorder. and it can happens after at least 2 years of normal growth.(1) As proof, early diagnoses of CDD helps in controlling the CDD disorder more efficiently, and help the patients’ parents to know more information about the CDD disorder its symptoms, areas that effected and the diagnoses tests and examinations. First of all, many CDD patients were diagnosed when their parents noticed the symptoms appeared after a normal growth.(2) First, the parents may notice a dramatic loss in the acquired skills such as, language skill (talking ) and social skills(lacking communication with other people).(2) In fact, when the child loss the acquired skills rapidly it is the time to see a doctor. However, before the parents consult the doctor.(2) They should search and write all the symptoms, questions and list of medications. Moreover, the child may be examined for at least 2-5 tests.(3)
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First, the parents consult the doctor for the first time about their child loss skills.(3) Then, the doctor will test the patient if their is any other disease. (3) Next, the doctor will examine the loss in the following areas: Language(like a sever declined in the language skills), play(like loss interests in playing with other kids) , and the loss of controlling bowl bladder.(1) Also, CDD patients are more likely to loss other skills like socialising or motor skills(walking, moving).(1) Now, if the doctor is suspect that the patient has a developmental disease. The doctor will schedule the patient for a regular well-child visits and
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