Essay On Disputed Territory

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Disputed territory is often described as a land that has been disagreed over power and ownership typically between a new state and the previously owning country. Disputed territory was also the main reason for the battle between Mexico and the United States to brew. United States was the first to act and begin this war, but did the country really have good reasoning to get even with Mexico? Indeed, the United was justified in going to war with Mexico because 16 of our American soldiers were killed, Mexico was just beginning to be a their own country and did not exert enough government control, and Texas wanted to be part of the United States in the first place. In the year 1846, our soldiers were sent down to the border between newly added Texas and…show more content…
The soldiers were sent as protectors from Mexico. Before becoming part of the United States, Texas had new citizens already arriving in their part of the country. These citizens were coming from the United States. Most of them were Protestants, and did not abide by the Catholic religion, which Mexico had ordered them to. All of the previous United States citizens in Texas agreed to revolt against Mexican officials. Texas gained their independence at the Battle of San Jacinto and was commenced a search for a new land to abide to. They had annexed to become part of the United States, but unfortunately Congress voted against this proposal. The reason being was that, many congressmen did not want a large slave territory being added in the Northeast. Somehow in late 1844, President James K. Polk was elected as a leader of this nation. He spread the idea of Manifest Destiny throughout the nation. Manifest Destiny was a belief that it was God's will for this democracy to spread all the way to the Pacific ocean. Before this president took office, Congress had reversed their whole way of thinking, and voted to annex Texas. This was where United States soldiers were sent down into disputed
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