Essay On Division In America

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Division in America Since around the creation of the Republican party and the Democratic Party, politicians and other Americans have divided our states into red and blue states. During the Presidential Election, you could tell who had the most electoral votes due to the color of the state and how many due to the numbers at the top of the state. President Obama, who became a vision of hope for those needing a change in the establishment, said this,”“The pundits like to slice and dice our country into … red states for Republicans, blue states for Democrats,” he said. “But I’ve got news for them … We worship an awesome God in the blue states, and we don’t like federal agents poking around in our libraries in the red states. We coach Little…show more content…
During the times leading up to the Civil War the Whig Party had an internal power vacuum that led to their downfall. Out of the rubble and smoke came a new political party known as the Republican Party with a new leader running for office, Abraham Lincoln (Thinker, America). America is the leading power in the world. Although to other countries we may seem like a well bonded country, we are divided. Democrats and Republicans in the past have never been this angry at each other in a long time. The last time our nation has been this divided was during the Civil War and events that partook after. Statistics in this past election show that 54% of Republicans our in disapproval of Democrats. While Democrats show a 55% disapproval toward Republicans (Election News). This divide started in 2008 when John McCain elected Sarah Palin to be his Vice President in the election vs. at the time Senator Barack Obama. After Obama was elected President, the Alt-Right and Conservatives were afraid that they would not have another Republican in office again. Back when Eisenhower was elected, Democrats and Republicans showed a 60% approval rating of him when elected into office (Thinker,America). From Lincoln to Trump on the other hand, Democrats nowadays are not happy with the New Republican Party. Then in 2015 Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president. He than attracted the Alt-Right with his talks and inciting fear into Americans. Nowadays America is divided and
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