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The film “Do the Right Thing” directed by Spike Lee, is an eye-opening film that discusses race inequality, stereotypes, and police brutality. Spike Lee uses a linear structure within the film to reveal the different themes that focus on emotional effect and the mood anger, develop characters, reveal symbols, and show the audience the message behind the story.
The exposition of the movie is shot in red lighting with the song Fight the Power as non-diegetic sound in front of an apartment building in what seems to be Brooklyn, New York City. A woman of color is shown wearing a red dress or a boxing uniform. Her dance moves resemble the aggressive and uniform moves of a boxer. Spike Lee used this scene as the exposition of the film to set the
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The beginning of the movie is an extreme close up of Mister Senor Love Daddy’s mouth. Mister Senor Love Daddy also establishes setting and tells the community, as well as the audience that it is going to be a hot day, the color of the day is black, and to be involved. I believe Spike Lee used an extreme close up of Mister Senor Love Daddy’s mouth because ones voice is a very important aspect of the film. The characters voices and ideas are what is used in the movie to fight the power, establish characterization, set tone, and reveal themes. For instance Buggin’ Out uses his voice to tell Sal why he feels as though more African Americans should be on his wall of fame. Smiley held up a picture of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X during the exposition as well and through them I believe is Smiley’s voice. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X are symbols in the movie that one’s voice has a huge impact of fighting against the power that oppresses them. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X’s voices were used to fight race inequality and improve the lives of African Americans. Smiley hoped to do the same when he went to confront Sal at his restaurant
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