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Doctors know best When I was younger I had to be in daycare because my mom was trying to support four kids by herself. I made a lot of friends of various ages durring those years. One of those friends was around 4 years old, he thought he and his mom were going to live forever. By that time in my life I knew that people died and it surprised me to think that anyone, even as young as him, would think something like that. I decided it would be a good idea to educate this young boy about the circle of life, but as I tried to explain to hime that everyone died, he argued with me telling me that maybe other people would die but him and his mom were going to live forever. He then proceded to run off and tell Nanny (the person watching over us)…show more content…
They told us that we should head over to the emergency room. They had called ahead to get an MRI scan of my chest, but when I got there, they said that there was no need and hooked me up to an IV to get more fluids. Eventually when my mom got home from work she said that it wasn't good for me to sleep on the floor. She was already taking medicine with me in an effort to not get sick as well, so she let me sleep in her bed with her that night. When I went to bed that night I had a wool blanket on which was not the most comfortable. I had thrown the blanket off of me in the middle of the night without knowing. I woke up the next morning screaming saying “GET IT OUT FROM UNDER ME!” My back felt more like it had pine needles jabbing into it, but at four in the morning it's kind of hard to know what exactly was going on. I thought that the blanket had just ended up underneath me. This time both my grandma, who was a registered nurse, and my mom took me to Urgent Care. When we made it there the place was packed full of sick people. They were lined up right to the door with barely any room to move. My grandma loved to talk to complete strangers. She immediately started talking to a couple. When my grandma pointed out who I was they told her to just take me straight to the ER. They would have but their symptoms weren't that serious and they had time to wait in line. So we left and headed to what we hoped would be the place where we learned what was wrong. This time

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