Essay On Dolphins

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There are different living places for dolphins in the world. Do you think the ocean is the only place for dolphins to live? However, actually dolphin habitats are divided into two major parts which are the wild places and the sea world though they can be found in ports, bays, gulfs and estuaries. The environments and lifestyles between the dolphins are quite different while this could possibly be because of the pollution made by human-beings.

The dolphins that live at Sea World are more likely to have a larger and better environment of living space than those which live in the wild. Dolphins which live at Sea World are actually known as living in the places that are called aquariums. Aquariums are the manmade places with no pollution, which means dolphins are able to have a cleaner environment to survive. In other words, they will be less likely to die because of pollution problems. In aquariums, the workers here will clean up the water in the pool every day
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According to some research, dolphins living at Sea World are usually fed by highly trained staffs. So it seems they do have a better life, at least they don’t even need to worry about looking for food. But think about it in this way, those dolphins just receive food without effortlessly, is it really good for them? As an old saying goes ‘ Gives the human by the fish to be inferior gives the human by the fishing. ’So if the dolphins cannot practice looking for food by themselves, they may lose the ability one day. In addition, dolphins that are at Sea World tend to be fed by visitors, which may pose a threat to their health. So as I have mentioned that dolphins in those two places can have different lifestyle. For example, those in the ocean usually leap over the water surface. What’s more, dolphins usually have a migration as the seasons change while for those in the aquariums they may not have such habit. (Glenza,
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