Essay On Dominic's Life

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Dominic’s eyes start to open slowly from the glare of the sun coming from an opening in the curtains, showing small particles of dust lingering around like snowflakes. He blinks and adjusts his eyes to his digital alarm clock reading 8:00 AM. He heaves himself out of bed, rubbing his heavy and lumpish eyes and walks lazily towards the bathroom like a baby taking its first steps. As he turns the shower tap on, the cold and icy water splashes onto his face, making his body shiver as well as goose bumps growing out of his skin. He stares down onto his overweight and spherical stomach, as the water from the showerhead tumbles onto his shoulders, down to his stomach. His New Year’s Resolution hasn’t worked out obviously. He turns the shower tap…show more content…
His car spun and crashed onto the side of the highway, causing his car to engulf in flames. Dominic would visit him daily in the hospital to check how he’s doing but would break down in tears from the critical condition his friend is in. Dominic locks his apartment and makes his way downstairs. He opens the door leading outside the apartment, and a cool but nice breeze blows against his face, making the leaves on the sidewalk fly in his direction. He walks towards the road to a café, where he would have a small breakfast every morning before opening his store. He enters the café and waits in line, admiring the way one of the workers does her job. Her name was Elizabeth. She would see Dominic almost every morning, asking for his usual order: black tea three sugars and two choc-chip cookies. He would give a little smile, and she would return an innocent and cute looking smile back. He hesitated to try to say his order, “O-One black tea…” “With three sugars and two choc-chip cookies”, she said finishing him. She turned and started to prepare his tea. She has long brown hair tied in a ponytail, black eyes, and a pretty rose-coloured face. For a while now, Elizabeth would put aside Dominic’s cookies, as she was sure as the sun shines, that he would be asking for them, and felt that it is wrong to sell them to a different customer. Dominic opened his bookstore and gazed upon the thousands of books placed on shelves, on display and near his counter. Posters were hung up

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