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I have been called many names without people getting to know me - all have been negative. Bully, shady, mean, and seems to think she’s too good is a few words that my friends have described me before we meet. But when they got to know the type of person I am, they tend to say I 'm kind and shy. I describe myself the same way, but it 's hard to think that some time ago my friends thought of me as a person who isn’t worth getting to know. If my friends didn’t go against their initial judgment of me, we wouldn’t have met. If we believe our initial thoughts of others, we won 't get to form relationships: family, friends, couples. Judging others is what 's stopping us as a society from coming together. I believe in the phrase “don’t judge a…show more content…
What if they want to wear certain clothes and do a certain style because it builds their confidence or that they just like it. When and where we can wear fancy clothes also seems to be a problem. Some individual wears fancy clothes on casual nights, and others wear casual clothes on select nights. When we don’t wear “appropriate” clothes for an event, it comes off as disrespectful. Based on appearance only, we also determine how attractive someone is, and this is taken into consideration when we approach a potential spouse. We tend to focus on how they look and not who they are, which could lead to problems later on in a marriage.
A few relationships tend to be based solely on their partner’s level of attractiveness. We determine how attractive someone is, “ the prejudice of deciding what to do based solely on outward appearance could cost the pursuer the chance of a meaningful relationship” (Modern Day Adages). Although someone is “better” looking doesn’t mean anything when it comes to their character and personality. An “average” person can be more beautiful on the inside than a “better” looking person. As a society, we need to give others the opportunity to show themselves even if they’re “average.”
Society has been stereotyping people based on their culture, race, and religion. If we end these stereotypes, then we can be closer on coexist in peace. Stereotyping tends to label

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