Essay On Donald Trump

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Donald Trump once said “It's always good to be underestimated”. Donald Trump is an underdog in this election. Every news station is against him, people hate the guy! But what people don’t know is underneath all the media slander, he is a great and genuine man. Donald Trump would make a fantastic Commander In Chief. Now let’s get some background on the business side of Donald. Donald has ran many successful businesses. One of his businesses is the Trump Organization. The Trump Organization is by far the best business Trump owns. The Trump Organization has over 500 subsidiaries and 264 have his name on them! Out of these 500 subsidiaries, 15 of them are golf courses that Trump owns (Moore). In the past year Trump has raked in at least $176.4…show more content…
To start off, Donald says that if you have a concealed carry permit you should be able to use that permit in all 50 states (Trump). If you are able to use a drivers’ license in all 50 states, why can’t people use a concealed carry permit in all 50 states? It would save more lives and prevent innocent people from dying. Next, Trump wants to fix background checks. Background checks take too long so we need to fix the system to make background checks faster and more effective. Making background checks faster and more effective would help get guns to law-abiding citizens faster, thus being able for them to protect themselves faster. To build on to that, Trump also wants to fix the broken mental health system. Law abiding citizens are being blamed for shootings caused by mentally sick people. We have to fix the system so law-abiding citizens aren’t blamed for this and so we lower the amount of shootings that can happen (Trump). Finally, law-abiding citizens should have the right to own the firearm of their choice without restrictions (Trump). Law-abiding citizens do nothing wrong, so why punish them by not allowing them to own the firearm of their choice. There’s no reason that a citizen should not be able to own a high-capacity magazine. Altogether, Trump being against gun control means he is for the
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