Essay On Doon Tetralogy

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Finding The Truth In Doon
The books I chose to read for my dear book were the first three books of The Doon Tetralogy. Veronica has several visions about a magical land. She perceives that something is going to happen and she begins to try and change her destiny. The book “Doon” typifies the idea everything does not happen the way you want or think it will happen as seen by Veronica always assuming that she is right about something , Jamie not inheriting the throne even though he is next in line, and Mckenna not fulfilling her acting dreams in the way she thought she would or never being right about what should happen to Veronica.
In the beginning of book one “Doon” you see Veronica or Vee is trying to find her destiny . She hallucinations or visions she has turns out be signs pointing to her future. How she thinks it will happen or how she interprets them never is correct. She believes wholeheartedly that something will occur and it never happens. As seen, when she thought that things were
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At the end of book one we see Mckenna leave doon, to go pursue her lifelong dreams of becoming an actress. Although, she fell in love in Doon with the prince Duncan she thought her life would be better off without him. Kenna had began to think that she’d never be happy in Doon because they didn’t have a theatre or place to perform. In life nothing is certain and Jamie, Mckenna and Vee all had to learn that the hard way. Their dreams did not come true in the way they thought nor planned it would. In the the end it truly showed us that we will never how things will truly turn out we can always guess like they did throughout the book but still nothing will ever be certain. In conclusion Doon shows us that we won’t always be right thing in everything in our future but sometimes that can be a good thing, like it was for the characters in the
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