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DRUG TESTING IN FACILITIES: BEHAVIORS AND CONSEQUENCES THAT AFFECT OUR SOCIETY Throughout life, whether in a workplace, in athletics, or in a school district, chances are one may be asked to take a drug test. Each year, in the United States, there are approximately 50,000 deaths due to drugs. Drugs cause our bodies to change, depending on the reaction the drug gives off. Interactions with drugs and, “other complex social, psychological, and pharmacological factors [that have an] influence [on] the behavior of abusing individuals.” In general, most addicts cannot afford drugs, “so they raise the money through crime,” making it unsafe for the environment. Drugs are not only a risk to the people doing drugs, but are also a risk to the society and innocent people. Since there are thousands of different kinds of drugs in the world today, how can one imagine a life without drugs? The answer is simple, one cannot. Drugs are a part of everyday life, and are more common now than they used to be. Random drug testing and effective disciplinary actions with positive testing are essential to keeping workplaces, schools, and thus, society, at a low risk of harm and danger. People are not going to always comply with the law, so procedures need to be enforced strictly. The process for random drug testing and consequences should be consistent in society through employees, professional athletes, and students.
Drug testing in the workplace is a necessary process for keeping everyone safe.

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