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“Dual eligible” is a term that refers to about 7.5 million low-income older people and younger persons who have disabilities who happen to be enrolled in Medicare and Medicaid. Nearly two thirds of the people who are dual eligible are ages 65 years and over. The remaining one-third of the dual eligible are younger people who are disabled. People who are dual eligible qualify for full benefits through Medicaid. Even though the people who are dual eligible are a small share of Medicaid enrollment, they account for numerous health care services and expenditures (Wilhide, 2005). There are more than half a million Floridians in the coverage gap. Florida has a huge Medicaid population which accounts for about 3.3 million people. Most adults in Florida who don’t have any children are not Medicaid eligible. When people in this state have low-income below the poverty level, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) won’t provide subsidies, because the law recommends that they have Medicaid instead (Norris, 2015).

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Dual eligible people can face extreme health concerns such as heart disease, dementia, diabetes, or severe mental illnesses. One in four of these people live in nursing facilities. These people account for large Medicaid costs.
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The Florida Senate partnered with the Obama Administration to force the expansion of Medicaid. The Senate suggests that the Low-Income Pool (LIP) should be exited due to safety-net funding. LIP is a federal program that has ties to hospitals and other providers and provides 1.3 billion dollars while also matching additional local dollars. In 2006, LIP was approved to replace a previous program that had been set in stone for decades. The federal government believes that Florida LIP needs to stop, but has no sense of idea on what a new program should look like. Several months later, the state was told that LIP funding is heavily linked to the expansion of Medicaid. Since Florida chose not to expand, it doesn’t get LIP
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