Essay On Dual Seal

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Education is constantly changing. Students are being exposed to college courses as early as 8th grade in some places. To ensure that high school graduates in Georgia are competitive with other high school graduates across the nation, two areas need to be changed for students attending Georgia’s schools. One area focuses on high school students having the opportunity to graduate with a dual seal and the other area deals with high students participating in dual enrollment with colleges and not just technical schools. High school students in Georgia have the opportunity to earn the following seals on their diploma: a college prep seal, a career education seal, or students can earn both seals. Career Technology Agricultural Education (CTAE) programs (formerly known as vocational education programs) are designed to furnish students with the academic, technical, and leadership skills needed to be successful in life. A serious disconnect exists between practical classroom studies and career possibilities.…show more content…
The aim is to increase the number of students receiving dual seals on their diploma and to increase the number of students dually enrolled in both colleges and technical schools. The desire is to increase student, parent, and teachers’ awareness of the positive benefits to students if they earn a Career Technology Agricultural Education (CTAE) diploma seal on their high school diploma in addition to earning a college prep diploma seal. A quantitative research approach will be used to compare the diploma received by high school students, the number of students dually enrolled in colleges and technical schools and for the evaluation of data from high school, the local school district, and the state of
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