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Dystopian novels are some of my favorite types of books. Books such The Hunger Games, Divergent, and The Fifth Wave, as well as The Maze Runner, are all dystopian themed stories. The Fearless, written by Emma Pass, is one of those stories. I love dystopian books, there is something incredibly fascinating about a world where we are no longer in control. Usually, it is the government that is corrupt and the cause of the problems within the novel, like the Capitol in The Hunger Games and Jeanine in Divergent. Here, though, the government is not actually the bad guy.

The Fearless is about a virus, in a way. It was created by a group of scientists looking to eradicate the effects of PTSD in soldiers while they were still in combat situations. As usual, it started off innocent enough - but it soon got out of control. Not only did this "vaccine" take away
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Cassie, who now goes by Cass, breaks the number one rule of Hope Island to go after her brother. The laws of Hope state that if anyone is kidnapped by the fearless, they are considered dead unless they return on their own volition and unaltered. Cass, of course, goes after her brother with the help of who I immediately deemed the lover interest. His name is Myo, and he is wonderful.

I love the fact that this book is told from three points of view, Cass, Myo, and Sol. Sol is Cassie's childhood friend, his father is the one that created Hope Island. I also really liked the fact that romance was not the central plot of this book. Don't get me wrong, I love romance in books, but it would have hindered the story here. It is still there, it just isn't the main plot. The whole point of the book is Cassie and Myo teaming up to rescue their respective siblings. Of course, attraction blooms along the way - but it takes forever for it to boil over into anything
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