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The 5 Best E-book Publishing Software
Many people nowadays prefer eBooks to printed books thanks to the expansion and growth of the publishing industry and since the inception of Kindle by Amazon. There are a number of e-reader devices that can open eBooks. The e-books may comprise video, audio as well as other media content. One of the primary benefits of eBooks is that they are not expensive because there are no printing costs. E-book publishing software have been designed to make and format e-comics, e-books, e-magazines and so much more. The e-books publishing software convert different document formats into e-book format for distribution on the internet.
This article reviews the top five best e-book publishing software on the market
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If you want to convert your eBooks to digital format, and they don’t have a lot of features other than texts, then opt for a simpler, basic eBook creator. Supported files
A number of eBook software support a host of media files. With numerous options available for presentations, making digital guides, sound, graphics, and video are important tools to have. A good eBook creator should be able to integrate separate files into one eBook, and give out top notch results. An eBook software with sound should be crystal clear and the graphics should translate in color quality and size.
Now, here are the top five best eBook software on the market today:
1. eBook Maestro
This is one of the best eBook software that allows you to set up eBook files. The software features a standard, a freeware, and a pro version, which range from $12.95 and $19.95. the software enables you to create non-commercial eBooks found in the freeware version as well as commercial digital books available in the Pro and standard version. Maestro is a software with a lot of versatility that allow users to create magazines, eBooks, albums, presentations, comic books, guides, and so much more. The most notable feature about the feature is the compiler that changes HTML content into executable applications that look like miniature browsers. In addition to that, the software also comes with a host of HTML
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