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Over the years, E-commerce (Electronic Commerce) has brought lot of changes in the business world. It refers to the buying and selling of goods and services without using any paper documents to the customers through electronic medium (, 2016). The E-commerce was introduced on 1970s as a transfer of funds. The development of e-commerce was fast over the countries since 2000. E-commerce is considered to be one of the ways of increasing profits in firms. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are determined by staff headcount and either turnover or balance sheet total (, 2016). SMEs have been contributing to the more economic growth and job creation (, 2015) .SMEs has experienced significant changes in business when they adapted to e-commerce. This essay will go through the relationship between e-commerce and small-medium sized organization, changes and development E-Commerce has brought to the world of SMEs. The introduction of E-commerce is one…show more content…
There are vast number of reasons why this e-commerce does not work actively, these reasons vary according to the countries and regions. The cost is the important and crucial issue for the small firms since they do not have much investment than the larger companies. The lack of knowledge and awareness of E-commerce world, poor business strategies, lack of skills and time to implement SMEs, fear of failure etc. Security continues to be the most important problem for online businesses as customers have to feel confident and trust about the integrity of the payment process before they commit to the purchase. Slow internet connections, lack of electricity supply and financial infrastructures will lead to poor e-commerce in small and medium sized firms. There many positive and significant impact of e-commerce in small and medium sized firms such

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