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Designing an Inquiry
In this essay I will report, make a number of analysis’s and compare and contrast the information which I have extracted from my different observations and scrutinize the methods which I have used. The main source of theory which will be used will be the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) Statutory Framework and I will also use other important relevant links. I will refer to my child as ‘Child C’ on the grounds of confidentiality C is a four-year-old boy who, from my observations and understandings, is a very leading and confident child.
The EYFS focuses on three particular prime areas of learning and they consist of Communication and Language, Personal, Social and Emotional Development and Physical development. Each
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From what I have observed, I came to an understanding that Child C’s language and communication has developed well for his age. He listens to stories accurately and understand ‘why’ or ‘how’ questions. Normally he is one of the first children to answer the question which was asked by the teachers. In the EYFS, it states that at this age, children would have developed an understanding when it comes to listening to stories either in small groups or as a class, their attention span lasts longer and they tend to join in, repeating phrases and sentences. This also has a link to his literacy development. Whilst there was a session where it was time to tell stories, child ‘C’ showed an understanding from the feedback he gave to the teachers. He is able to recall what happened in the story and the adults did their job by asking him leading questions and encouraging him and this leads to him expanding his thoughts and ideas. This also comes with positive praises and stamps as well as other forms of rewards. The way in which I found out this information was through narrative observation with post it notes to capture any wow moments.
In the aspect of speaking and his development, he is able to build on vocabulary that accommodates and reflects on his past experiences. He is also able to talk in pretending objects are something
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