Essay On Earth Day

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Earth Day

Ana Aguilar

SOC 302 Forests & Culture

2020 marks for the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day, in that year the main focus will be to end plastic pollution (Earth Day). The first Earth Day was on April 22, the 1970s all throughout the U.S. Know it's a global event that people from all over the world celebrated. Before the movement started in the 1970’s, a great oil spill happened that Santa Barbara had in California, 1969. Thus, the oil spill encouraged Senator Gaylord Nelson of having a day to focus on helping the environment and teach the public of natural disasters (History of earth day, 2017). Millions of people went to the street to protest for the negative impacts of more than a hundred years of industrial development. The natural environment has been on a road of destruction ever since the industrial revolution. In addition, humans have been overwhelmed with gaining wealth that they have ignored the environmental needs for many years. It can be said that this movement has been a great success in protecting the environment. There are three main reasons why this movement is successful: The first, is the strong focus of the movement, which promotes public awareness of pollution problems, the second, is all the positive influence the main media has have to the movement and lastly, is the overall knowledge that people receive after participating in an earth day activity. First, Gaylord Nelson wanted there to be a
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