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The hour and a half ridged drive up has never felt so long. My dad anxiously cruised from lane to lane. Perspiration running through his hands, the air was also filled with nervousness from him, my mom, and my sister, Tayler, as I bared my pain. I try not to show too much. My stomach had taken over doing uncontrollable convulsions, no one knew what was going wrong. Pulling up to the covered sliding glass entrance door, I slipped out of the car. Walking slowly, I went to the front desk. The tall blonde woman, with the look of sleep deprivation on her face, asked my mother in her soft voice questions about me. My mom, still shaking with nerves, answered them all completely for the receptionist. Standing there, a variety of emotions…show more content…
Grabbing his hurt arm, the mother sternly says to stop his whining. This only made the boy cry more. Trying to protect his brother, the girl tried to distract the mother so she would lose her grip on his brittle arm. She succeeded. After some time the mother had just had enough of the girl, she grabbed her thin arm to drag her into the bathroom. From where I was sitting with my family, I could hear her yelling at her daughter and crying. Finally, I hear a loud slap. They came out from the bathroom and left the building with frustration, sadness, and fear.
Sitting across from us now, was a tall dark skinned mom and her son about six years old. The stubble haired boy sat there with tears pouring out nonstop. Crying, he whined about his white bandaged cut up bloody finger. The mother was on the phone the whole time and paid little attention to him, so he just cried more and more. Eventually, he stopped and calmed himself with the distraction of the black television above me. When the mother got off the phone, she took his finger and tried to rewrap it. It may seem like a nice thing to do, but she kept squeezing it and aggressively wrapping it as she glanced over her shoulder to see if the receptionist would do something about her son. He cried an extreme amount, but when the receptionist did nothing she told her son they would come back tomorrow. Finally, they walked quickly out of the building. Now with
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