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Ecological Imperialism and the New World Starting from the times that countries started travelling overseas and conquering other lands, they used this newfound power to supply their own greedy desires through ecological imperialism. This process altered this new landscape and homogenized it into the ways Europeans wanted it with the natives taking all or most of the side effects, while all the benefits went to the colonizers. Using various sources from authors such as Crosby, Piper, Sandlos, Lewis, and Maslin, this paper will explore the actors, problems, limits in some areas, and the significance of ecological imperialism and how it has affected the world.
Actors and Problems Firstly, we must understand what imperialism is
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Firstly, the impacts of ecological imperialism on the indigenous communities are that it changed their way of living and the conditions that they had to live with. The slow transition of the demographics and biota caused a complete change in the environment, one that they may have not have been familiar with, thus resulting in an alien species that systematically destroyed their long-honoured traditions over time. In addition, the change in biota could have had impacts on the diet and health of the indigenous peoples as they would have to find new food sources as their died off. This, along with the demographics, would create changes in the social and physical environment that forever changed the indigenous way for life that some may have not been able to adapt to.
Significance of Ecological Imperialism So how is ecological imperialism significant to both North American and world history? Ecological imperialism is significant because it has changed the way nature is seen in the eyes of humans and affected how we treat it. This is particularly in the North American history, because the indigenous peoples have respected and preserved the environment for thousands of years. However, the arrive of the European settlers was the beginning of a change, as they had a focus on resource extraction and intensive land use. Arguably, the settlers did this through forceful means and often bended people
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