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most economic manner in real-time operation. The objective is to minimize the total generation cost (including fuel cost, plus emission cost, plus operation/maintenance cost, plus network loss cost) by meeting the following operational constraints.
I. System load demand
II. Downward-and-upward regulating margin requirements of the system
III. Lower and upper economic limits of each generating unit
IV. Maximum ramping rate of each generating unit
V. Unit's restricted operating zones (up to three restricted zones per unit)
VI. Emission allowance of the system (SO2, CO2, NOx)
VII. Network security constraints (maximum mW power flows of
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An extensive research has been done to solve the ED problem of a single area, but multi-area economic dispatch (MAED) has received limited attention. Utilities and power pools have limits on power flow between different areas over tie-lines. Each area has its own pattern of load variation and generation characteristics. 8
The objective of MAED problem is determination of the amount of power generation by each generator in a system and power transfer between the areas so as to minimize the total generating cost without violating tie line constraints. Areas of individual power systems are interconnected to operate with maximum reliability, reserve sharing, improved stability and less production cost than operated as isolated area. The ELD problem is to plan the output power for each devoted generating unit such that the cost of operation is minimized along with matching power operating limits, load demand and fulfilling diverse system limitations. The ELD problem is a significant problem in the operation of thermal/hydro generating station. It is considered an optimization problem, and is defined for minimized total generation cost, subject to various non-linear and linear constraints, in order to meet the power demand. The ELD problem is classified in two different ways, as convex ELD problem and non-convex ELD problem. The convex ELD problem is modeled by considering the objective
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