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Meetings Two and Three: Education Presentation The first presentation should take place by Dec. 31. The second should be completed prior to March 1. Persons Responsible Education Chairman Education Committee Campus or Community Professional Outcomes • Two education presentations will be conducted prior to March 1. o The topics are selected as part of the Senior Survey. The Education Chairman and her committee may use the quick programming guides and facilitator scripts to conduct the education presentations. Additionally, a campus or community professional may conduct an education presentation using a provided community guide. Pillar of Education Various options available Time 60 Minutes Materials • Quick Programming Guide •…show more content…
Ask participants to turn to a partner and share which tip they feel is most critical when buying or leasing a car. Ask two or three people to share their thoughts. PowerPoint Slides Three, Four and Five 10 Minutes IV. Discussion Questions Break the large group into small groups of five or six people. Ask members to discuss the questions listed in the quick programming guide. After small groups have discussed, ask two or three groups to share their responses with the larger group. PowerPoint Slide Six 15–20 Minutes V. Let’s Play: Zoom, Zoom, Zoom Using the quick programming guide, facilitate the activity called “Zoom, Zoom, Zoom.” PowerPoint Slide Seven 10 Minutes VI. Problem-Solving: Case Study Divide participants into new small groups of three people and provide each group with a copy of the case study. Allow groups five minutes to discuss the case study. When done, ask members of each group to share one mistake they identified. Case Study
PowerPoint Slide Eight 2 Minutes VII. Wrap Up Thank everyone for coming and close with the quote provided in the quick programming guide. PowerPoint Slide Nine Option Two: Housing Persons Responsible Education Chairman Education Committee Campus or Community Professional Outcome
Senior members will develop skills to help aid them in the transition to life outside of the college setting. Pillar of Education
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