Essay On Effectiveness Of Medical Education

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The Effectiveness of Medical Education: Visual Vs. Verbal
Every minute a phone call is made to one of the many poison control centers across the country because a young child getting into medicine. Out of these phones calls, about 60,000 children a year will be rushed into an emergency department. Sites such as MedlinePlus and Safe Kids have tried to get information out to parents and families across the country about how these incidents can be completely avoid with proper measures. While MedlinePlus’s ‘Medicine safety and children’ does do an effective job of the information out, the Safe Kids’ infographic ‘Kids and Medical Safety, Convenience vs. Caution’ way is far more preservative.
Both visual and verbal arguments are effective in
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A decent number of parents would benefit from the visual representation from the infographic produced by is a non-profit organization to educate and help prevent kids and their families from harm. The organization also is supported by Johnson & Johnson, a well-known American medical and pharmaceutical goods company. While both MedlinePlus and Safe Kids explain many of the same ideas, Safe Kids’ infographic does a much better job at pulling the audience they want in.
Part of effectively attracting attention to an article or infographic is the aesthetic qualities. When people look for information they want to see something that is clean and function. In most cases where the design is below par, the audience will not give it the time of day. MedlinePlus gives the reader a very easy to understand layout. Each heading is bolded, making navigating through the page simple. The website also uses bullet points to show important topics in the different parts of the article. ‘Medicine Safety and Children’ also have a section in the article designed for parents to give them contact information to Poison Control and what to expect if they must take their child to the ER. The site does a good job at presenting the data to the viewers in a comprehensible manner.
While MedLinePlus did respectable job at presenting and relaying data to the audience they seek, Safe Kids’ goes
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