Essay On Effects Of Discipline On Children

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Spanking has a positive effect on children

For many years parents have been disciplining their children in various ways. Discipline is required to train a child in doing what is right and staying away from what is wrong and dangerous. Discipline has always been used in order for the child not to grow up spoiled and choosy. Giving children what they want always is never a good thing, while teaching them that they cannot have everything teaches them patience. Discipline is very critical in a child’s life because it is a determining factor on how that child is going to turn out in the future. People will always relate bad parenting to a child’s bad behaviour and good parenting to a good behaviour. So how must parents discipline in order
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The researchers also found out in a survey that 30% of parents believed that spanking was not harmful to their children, 60% believed it harmful to their children, only 10% believed it would lead to severe problems. These statistics raise a startling flag when you think of the nature of this form of correction.
Parents should be learned about how their form of discipline affects their child because punishment does not have a sense of discipline as the only outcome. Sometimes children are less responsive to a certain form of discipline than others. It cannot be helped that a child is unique and different from others. The child is also a factor in terms of discipline and punishment it is not solely dependent on his/her parent and the way they discipline. There are other alternatives to punishing the children for their bad behavior. Less severe punishment besides spanking. They can take away their television privileges, computer use, and playing outside with their friends, they could ground them for the weekend and cancel plans, or they could take the time to sit and talk to their children about their bad
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