Essay On Effects Of Ocean Pollution On The Ocean

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Pollution Effects on Pelagic and Benthic Areas of the Ocean
Biodiversity refers the existing variations present which form an ecosystem enabling human survival. However, the alteration of the world habitat has caused a shift in biodiversity. The role of ecologists is to ensure that there is no extinction of various species in the world due to reckless human behaviour. The maritime environment is among the worst hit areas as human activity creates an imbalance in the water levels. Factors such as dumping of human waste consisting of non-biodegradable materials are a causative factor for the possible mass extinction of marine plants and animals (Galgani et al. 45). Oil spills, overfishing, and shipping activities are further causes of adverse effects experienced. Human activity has over the years resulted in drastic climatic changes.
Pelagic Zone
This refers to the open ocean which is further divided into smaller regions based on depth. The pelagic zone is able to sustain fish and plants but as it deepens, life can hardly be sustained (Whitehead et al. 107). The regions are mainly divided into the epipelagic, mesopelagic, bathypelagic, and abyssopelagic. As pressure increases, maritime life drastically reduces. Since there is a presence of intense pressure, low temperatures, salinity, and a limited supply of dissolved oxygen, the environment becomes unbearable for sea creatures.
Benthic Zone
This is the lowest ecological area in the ocean or lake. Animals and plants which are
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