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Bijay Acharya Professor Sherry Sharifian GOVT 2306 3 Nov. 2017 Running for Office in Texas To be a successful officer, one needs to take concern on various aspects such as running for elections, organizing campaigns for publicity, building offices, utilizing available resources and maintaining the balance between funds and expenses. The amount of money spent by the candidate is not the only factor to get elected which means that the candidate who spends a large sum of money doesn’t necessarily win the election. Sometimes, the candidates who spend small sum of money also get elected whereas sometimes, the candidates who spend large sum of money get elected. However, there is no doubt that funding is essential to run for office in
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The candidate needs to have enough knowledge about the interest groups, whether they support or oppose their party. 1 The two interest groups which will support my campaign are “Young Conservatives of Texas” and “Texas Parent PAC”. 2 “Young Conservatives of Texas” is the organization which is dedicated to the preservation of individual liberties and freedom. It also enables college students to participate in political process and thus it will support my campaign. 3 “Texas Parent PAC” is a bipartisan political action committee for parents, and anyone who supports high quality of education. 4 So, this interest group will support my campaign. The interest group “Texas Values Action” concerns towards religious liberty. The organization does not mainly concern towards my issue, so it will oppose my campaign. “Planned Parenthood Texas Votes” will oppose my campaign as it mainly concerns towards abortion and health care and it is not related with my campaign objective.
Interest groups provide funding to the candidate which should be utilized properly to run for office. Different types of means of communication such as newspapers, social sites and official and celebrity involvement can be used to publicize about the matter. However, selection of those means of communication and individuals should be made only after proper research. I will use “The Washington Post” for the to make the campaign succeed since most of its readers are open minded. I will also use “The New
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