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Nitesh Shrestha GOVT 2306 Sherry Sharifian 20 November 17 Responsibility after Winning As I was running on the election for Texas House Representative, I used media and celebrity personalities to advertise myself and negotiate with many lobbyists and interest groups for funding. Now, if I win the election, I have the responsibility to develop my district and work for the prosperity of all my district people.
If I am elected for the house representative, I would like to choose Business and Industry Committee, Human Services committee and Energy resources committee as a house committee to serve that area. Firstly, Business and Industry committee is chaired by Rep. Oliveira Rene. Vice chairman of the committee is Rep. Shine Hugh.
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As I am a liberal democratic kind of person I am always excited to think and work for the diversity of area and people. I would love to help disable people and have great desire to work for conservation and regulation of energy resources. Being on house committee of Business, health and energy resources will enable me to work for the development of my districts and wellbeing of my district people. I can save a lot of natural gas and oil which is very limited in this world by using alternative sources of energy. Which is one of the biggest challenges of this generation too. It gives me the power to take the lead for development. All of the functions of these committees are in my interest fields.
As Texans give me the opportunity to serve as their representative, I should visibly work for the good beings and prosperity of all Texans. I have explained some constituent services that I would do as their responsible representatives. Firstly, I will make sure that all people of my district are getting their basic rights. After that, I will make contact with all the peoples of my district and listen to them and their problems. I will help them by creating more jobs and make their life easy by creating more infrastructures.
I believe that sufficient funding for the infrastructure like school, road, bridges, airports, and hospitals can be a basement for

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