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Trials and Tribulations of Adele Laurie BLue Adkins
May 5, 1988 in North london, England an inspiring, successful artist was born (“Adele”). Adele has been very successful throughout her career. Her music is loved by so many people not just in the UK, but also across the world. How did she do it and what has inspired her? Growing up with her parents being split up and being the only child Adele’s mother taught her to be unique (“Adele”). Adele had set her goals at a young age and had big dreams she’s now achieved so much in her life. Her mother put her in BRIT a performing arts school at a young age (“France”). Neither of her parents were musical, but who would’ve known she’d become so talented. So where exactly did she get
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They inspired her to make music and sing. When she was 15 years old she would listen to 40s music (“Adele”). She appreciated the older music and artists whom had soul in their voices. Adele should give all the glory to MySpace. MySpace is a social media site where Adele started to post music that she had composed and wrote (“Adele Biography”). XL Recordings found her music on her page and soon after she received a record deal (“Adele”). Many people love the sound of her different voice because it had a lot of soul in it(“Adele Biography”). Her songs are also known for the American r&b style and Jazz style (“Adele Biography”). Chasing pavements and Hometown glory brought her to fame (“Adele”). At age 19 she released the album 19 which was named after her age at the time in 2008 just like all her following albums were named (“Adele”). Chasing pavements from the album 19’ was a hit (“Adele”). Three years later her album 21 was released in 2011 (“Adele”). Even though 21 wasn’t supposed to be as successful as it was, She received a Grammy for it (“France”). The album also sold 30 million copies (“France”). She performed on SNL and was discovered in the States (“France”). Soon her songs became the most sung on x factor and also other singing shows. Many of Adele's songs are about love and relationships. Her songs sometimes send mixed signals to Adele's fans. Her song chasing pavements seem to be about her giving up or keep chasing for some guy. Some
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