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Elie Wiesel was a peace-making, Nobel prize winning, Holocaust survivor. He battled something many of us could never even imagine. Elie Wiesel’s quote made me think, and then rethink, what I thought about compassion and helping people. The holocaust was a horrible time. It was a time where compassion was needed daily to survive. In a lot of ways, we still need it. Weather it’s against a presidential decision, or in the safety of a school classroom. It will always be needed. Compassion is a mixture of kindness, empathy, and caring.
Elie Wiesel talks a whole lot about compassion. He does and I think he means the compassion given by friends, family, and even random strangers. When you give compassion to them, they “become your anchor.” In my opinion, Elie Wiesel means, you should help people rise up from the bottom line. You should speak with compassion against the tyranny shown in this world. People need to speak with compassion, act with compassion, fight with compassion, and even look at the world with compassion.
Martin Luther King Jr.
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Maybe not in a direct way, but it did. The Holocaust was a terrible time. Many people died, or were forced to do hard labor. Elie Wiesel survived that and lived to tell us the tale. After learning about everything that happened then, I think of how privileged we all are. We will never experience what Elie or anyone in the Holocaust did. We will never truly understand. But, I do understand what we need to learn from it. We need to be kind to each other, respect each other’s differences and show compassion. We need to show each other the kindness that we still don’t often see. Everyone is mean to each other in this time. We need to respect each others differences. We are all different. We all believe in different things and look different ways. We shouldn’t hate each other for it. Finally, we just need to show each other compassion. That’s all I can say to explain. Compassion is, and forever will be,
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