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On a Gloomy day, There was a boy who was walking to school, He had his black hoodie on, with his slagging bag, Dragging his feet to his destination, I noticed some red lines on his wrist.

Now what I just saw was an example of an Emo

Now emos are people who are usually constantly depressed and sad, they Are ridiculed by society unless they are famous.
Depressed emos do usually cut, they believe it's the only way to kill pain with pain
And they usually don't want to get noticed by random people so,,,the typical emo wears hoodies
And skin tight jeans,,and either black converse or black vans old school

When Emos see other emos
They usually look for their scars on their wrists. When you're a cutter, you notice many things. You will notice red cuts on someone's wrist, emptiness in their eyes,
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“We’re just suicidal kids telling other suicidal kids that suicide isn't the answer” some emos would say.
But there are really emos that are good at hiding their emo-ness. There are 2 general types of emos. An emo who's afraid to show (meaning, he/she can blend with people, and his/her emo-ness is perfectly hidden), and the other one is perfectly shown, just like my friend.

Whats is happiness for emos?
Now I asked some emos and commonly they would say

“Our music is our own happiness, and! When we find someone ,like a fellow emo, especially in person, that's really....uhh feels like heaven”

And if I ask them to dig deeper they’d say
“'s an I don't know to me. And it feels like I don't deserve it. Like it doesn't exist in my vocabulary”

Emos see happy people as people who'll never understand
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