Essay On Emotional Support Animals On Campus

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From Passion to Paper: Emotional Support Animal
I live on campus, in the Commons, and I have a puppy! Because students with physical or mental disabilities are allowed to have an emotional support animal, my puppy is allowed to live with me on campus. Emotional support animals are an amazing and beneficial accommodation to people with disabilities, but they could be just as helpful to regular students as well. All students living on college campuses should be allowed, if they choose, to have an animal because of the emotional support, responsibility, and health benefits that pets provide.
As a student who struggles with depression and anxiety, I know how helpful to my emotional health my puppy is to me, but students with disabilities are not the only ones who could benefit from a pet. College student often have a good bit of stress because of their classes, relationships, and/or jobs. Numerous studies have found that animals are great at reducing stress and aiding in the relaxation of their owner (Casciotti & Zuckerman, 2016). Another problem many students may have at times is feelings of seclusion.
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A common concern is the damage that a pet may pose on the student’s room and belongings. While this is a legitimate worry, as some pets do make a mess, it is solely the students responsibility to minimize and pay for any damage that the animal may do. Because of this, the school would never have to worry about the expenses that would come with damage to the property. Another concern is that pets may be a distraction to students while they are studying or trying to do homework. As an owner of a puppy, I do understand this concern, however, it is much easier that you would think. There are many things, such as toys and treats, that can distract a puppy and allow its owner to work without problems. If all else fails, a crate with a comfy bed will keep the puppy out of the
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