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Employment Contract The agreement of this employment contract is made as of this 14th day of November, 2017, by and between Morrison and James, LLC, a law firm incorporated under the laws of Colorado with main office at 1234 Jones Street, Westminster, Colorado, hereinafter referred to as “Employer”, and Laura Berry, residing at 1234 Smith Way, Brighton, Colorado, hereinafter referred to as “Employee”. WHEREAS the Employee wishes to provide such services and has significant expertise and experience and is willing to complete services for the Employer, the Employer wishes to acquire the benefit of the services of the Employee all in agreement with the terms and conditions set forth. NOW THEREFORE In consideration of the promises and…show more content…
Thirty (30) days written notice prior to the Termination Date must be given by either party if the intention of either party is not to negotiate a new Agreement. At time of termination, Employee agrees to return any property obtain through employment back to Employer. 3. Compensation As full compensation for all the services rendered hereunder, the Employer shall pay the Employee a total of Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000) annually, payable in equal monthly installments beginning at the first (1st) of the month. Payments as such shall be subject to normal mandatory deductions by Employer (i.e. Social Security, Medicaid, and federal and state taxes). 4. Benefits The Employee shall be entitled to participate in bonuses and other employee benefit plans provided by the Employer for its employees. The Employer currently offers the follow, medical, dental, and vision plans. The Employer also currently offers life insurance, education assistance and individual retirement account (IRA) benefits. The Employee is eligible for benefits thirty (30) days after start date. More details on these benefits will be provided separately at time of hire. 5. Probationary Period As agreed upon and understood, by both the Employer and the Employee, the first thirty (30) days of employment shall be established as a probationary period. During probationary period the Employee is ineligible for both benefits and paid time off offered by
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