Essay On Ending Therapy

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Ending Therapy:
• Carl and Gus adhere to the typical outlook that the man needs to make a commitment to therapy and change while the women remains the example of an ideal client. (I understand the systemic issues, but the counselors have a definite proclivity towards the female clients.)
• The counselors insisted that the couple confront their relationship problems because they chose each other through a remarkable accurate unconscious process that takes account of their mutual needs. (this seems fantastical to me.)
• They admit that the Brice family therapy consisted of two parallel individual therapies instead of family therapy (263).
• One of the leading therapeutic theories that I agree with is the fact that greater individuation in the marriage and the increased
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• The symptom is merely a front for the family’s larger stress. And we do not determine who the family consists of – the family does.
• Leave the termination process entirely in the hands of the family.

I appreciated the forum with its acknowledgment of different styles of therapy and treatment. I believe that I would want the whole family to be present at each session. I want to treat the family as a unit and let them experience how interconnected their issues are with the identified client. I want to look at family counseling from a macrolevel in order to address the influences on the family including the therapy session itself and the counselor’s attitudes, beliefs and style. Being upfront and honest while offering a supportive yet challenging atmosphere is the key for my counseling
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