Essay On Environmental Pollution

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The environmental pollution history is as old as life itself. At life’s beginning on Earth, man discovered the use of fire and burnt food for cooking food with the emitted smoke from it being the earliest environmental pollutants of this world. First forward to the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century and that was when the Earth experienced the highest rates of environmental pollution. After the machine invention from printing press and later motor vehicles, the pollution menace started enveloping the environment and negative effects began to be seen. The unplanned industrialization, mostly in the developed nations, stimulated its spread. Together with the amazing advancements in technology, the 19th century’s Industrial Revolution…show more content…
Many Americans rely on ground water for drinking and, up to the few decades ago, there was careless release of industrial wastes into rivers and streams. The congress of the US passed the Clean Water Act in the 70’s so as to cut down on water pollution (Library of Congress., United States., & United States, 1973).
History of Green Energy
By the 20th century, the effects environmental pollution had been felt in most countries throughout the world. This made the world’s leaders to see the need of eradicating and reducing the enormous levels of pollutants flowing into Earth’s eco systems. This saw the need for green energy. One of the earliest green energy (geothermal energy) is traced to the first decade of the 20th century when the idea of placing turbines over stream was discovered so as to generate electricity. Such principle has, over the years, been expanded and today there are several geothermal plants across the world which creates clean energy.
Similarly, hydrokinetics has a very long history as a green energy source. It was first used in the year 200 BCE when watermills and water wheels were created. Presently, hydrokinetics is used for generation of clean energy from river and ocean currents with any harm on the natural life of aquatic animals. Wind energy also has
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