Essay On Equipment And Service Sector

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For firms in the equipment and service sector, they tend to discuss their efforts in the field of sports and shareholders (See Figure 4.14). Although equipment and service sector exhibits a high percentage of investments in both education, environment, and health and disability, the unique filed of contributions are associated with sports. It is perhaps that some equipment and service firms treat the sport as an important form of community activity, and their investments in this area could build an impressive image in the local community. For example, Helmerich & Payne Inc (HP) supports the construction of Tulsa’s ONEOK Field baseball stadium (“Community Support”, nd., para. 2). Moreover, like other oil and gas sectors, equipment and…show more content…
1). Moreover, exploration and production sector tend to express more about their employee welfare. The reason is perhaps that working in exploration and production sector requires more time and energy, and hence the employee benefits packages are used to encourage and retain employees - who are the most valuable assets of the firm. For example, Hess Corporation (HES) provides its comprehensive benefits package and aims to help employees and their families take care of necessities and provide meaningful extras. HES claims that “We offer medical, dental, life insurance, pension, savings and other programs, though the details vary based on job and location. We promote employee health through a variety of health management resources and tools focused on diet, nutrition, exercise, and condition management” (“Excellent financial and health benefits”, nd., para. 1). For firms in the integrated oil and gas sector, they tend to present their efforts in the field of education, environment, health and disability, product quality, product safety, employee development, equal opportunity, and supplier (See Figure 4.14). Like downstream sector, Integrated oil and gas sector also expresses their contributions to product quality and employee development. The main reason is that integrated oil and gas sector includes upstream, midstream, and downstream operations, which means integrated oil and gas
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