Essay On Excessive Force

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The purpose of this research proposal is to determine if social media impacts the use of excessive force among police officers. The hypothesis states that social media has decreased the number of excessive force incidents that occur in the United States. More so, the ability to share a police officer’s actions across social media as a way to deterrent police officers from using excessive force. Therefore, I hypothesize that once a police department is involved is in involved in an excessive force case that’s widely spread to millions of people, they will be less likely to use excessive force ongoing and the number of citizen complaints will decrease within that police department. The methodology used for this research proposal is a two part…show more content…
In one study, during and after a five year period after a social media post went viral indicating that a particular police department used excessive force, the number of police reports and citizen complaints decreased about 10%. This research implies that police officers does in fact reacts to social media posting and are likely to decrease excessive force used on the job due to being watch all the time. As expected, this research make officers and citizens more aware of the huge impact social media has on the use of excessive force by police. In addition, this research proposal should or may encourage officers to avoid police brutality while on the job in unnecessary situations. Why? Because their actions will be posted to social media and millions of people will be able to form their opinions and perceptions. What this also mean is citizens cannot be too sensitive to police interaction with the public (if the situation is cause to use excessive force) because anything can go viral and can create a broader situation of hostility and distrust between our protectors (police officers) and
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