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World Expo 2020 in Dubai Expo 2020 is definitely a huge event which has excited Dubai, considering that the Emirate was selected to host the expo. Ever since the Great Exhibition was held, World Expo have already become a huge deal for many countries as they are significantly focused on gathering ideas that pave the way towards innovation and progress. In that sense, Expo 2020 has become a venue that allows countries, people and organizations to brainstorm innovative ideas which can further lead to partnership and collaboration between and among these parties. This explains the reason why Dubai is immensely honoured to host the Expo 2020, considering that the event provides an opportunity for the Emirate and the entire country to further drive their pursuit towards change in the economy, culture, and society. Expo 2020 is “one of the most internationally renewed global exhibitions ”which is held every five years in a chosen host city and for every expo, there is a theme that will become the primary concentration of the event” (Dubai World Central, 2015). For Expo 2020, the theme is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.” Expo 2020 is devoted to…show more content…
“Since Expo 2020 is unlike other popular world events, many people do not have firm idea with regards to the benefits and opportunities that will be opened because Dubai will be holding the expo” (Algethami, 2015). Furthermore, it is indicated that awareness of the people regarding the impact of Expo 2020 in Dubai will also directly influence how other countries would view and understand how the event has affected the city and the country

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