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Consider all the extracurricular activities (community involvement, paid and/or volunteer work experience, entrepreneurial ventures) that you have been involved in during the past four years. Select three activities that you feel demonstrate your leadership abilities best. Focus your description on elements that demonstrate: leadership, teamwork, initiative, achievement, commitment and breadth. Each description should focus on one activity only.

Main Activities (3): Please limit your description for each activity to 500 words.

CICS - Initiative
CICS is an non-profit organization funded by the government and United Way to help new immigrants settle in and adapt to their new environment. Being one of the youths that had overcome the difficulty in adapting to a new school, new community, and new culture, I was excited to receive the opportunity to ease the hardships of other new immigrants as a front desk receptionist at the CICS branch dedicated towards youths. It is vital that newcomers are not only welcomed by those in the community, but also provided with support from other youths with similar experiences. Thus, the assistance from student volunteers is an invaluable part of the Immigration Youth Center as it promotes unity and motivation for new immigrants to become a part of and partake in the local community.
The position as a front desk receptionist is a important position since it is the first point of contact between new immigrants and assistance. To obtain the position, I had to submit my resume and participate in an interview with the center´s main coordinator and the receptionist to assess my competence in problem solving and dedication to community service. I think the unique factor which elevated my standing amongst other applicants was my ability to fluently communicate in Cantonese and Mandarin and my previous experiences in translation and mentoring. Furthermore, I think that my background as a transition mentor and peer tutor has prepared me to become a relatable friend other youths can express with their concerns. As a receptionist, I am mainly responsible for handling front office reception and administration duties which include greeting guests, answering phone calls, handling program
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