Essay On Factors Of Health Disparities

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Factors of Health Disparities
While it remains unquestionable that the less substantial treatment of African-Americans in hospitals around the United States exists, there are a variety of different causes of these problems. Many studies document factors such as ethnicity, living situations, insurance status, annual income, access to care, sexual orientation, racial biases, and education levels as well as the socioeconomic status of citizens. However, while many of these factors are difficult to immediately change, race is one that can be recognized and altered to a further degree as well as with a significantly higher level of ease.
Socioeconomic Status Currently, differences in socioeconomic status are one the largest factors that influence disparities in health care between the wealthy affluent
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The World Health Organization states, “Social stratification likewise determines differential access to and utilization of health care, with consequences for the inequitable promotion of health and well-being, disease prevention, and illness recovery and survival” (WHO Health Commission). Unfortunately, cities and counties across the United States has large dissimilarities concerning the standard of living and housing. Alameda County is a primary example of how accessibility to a higher quality of living conditions influence areas can perpetuate subpar health services. This California county which is partly made up of by Oakland, has determined that the life expectancy of an African-American citizen born in one area of the county is drastically lower when compared to that of a white citizen born approximately thirty-five minutes away. According to the records from the department of health in this area, “a white child born in the Oakland Hills is expected to live 15 years longer than an African American child born in West Oakland” (Gehlert). The housing situation between Oakland Hills
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